Designing is our life-force. We design everything from small products to huge spaces – but all with a sustainable, circular economy foundation. We understand how to create something that tells a story, is connected to people and place and that will last for more than one season. As we’ve said before… no planet B.

We are specialists in creating innovative new things from localised waste material streams, but we always start with the same question. What do you, or your customers actually need. Then how can that thing be the best it can possibly be? Reusable. Repairable. Designed for disassembly… we go through a long list to make sure we are creating the right thing for any project. With great power comes great responsibility, after all.

projects include…

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership Community Kitchen Brighton & Hove Food Partnership has been using food as a focus for positive change in people’s lives for over 15 years, championing healthy eating, plot to plate growing, tackling food waste and connecting people through eating. As a non-profit organisation, the BHFP works with a variety of partners to deliver these projects, so wanted to create their own kitchen that could be used for events, teaching and programmes. As lead designers and interior architects, we took the space, a collection of dated offices and transformed it into a modern, open space which is bright, welcoming and flexible.

hiSbe flagship store We thoroughly enjoy shaking up the status quo and we are delighted to work with people who share our thoughts that the world can – and should be a better place. Sisters Ruth and Amy Anslow had a vision of a new type of supermarket – one that supports local suppliers, embraces seasonality, pays a living wage to employees and that is a place that you actually want to go to shop. A place with soul. We created the interior architecture of the flagship store, using local waste materials, recycled materials and repurposed elements to add character. Elements in the store were design to be adjusted and amended easily as the store developed, with a zero waste mindset. Our design mindset is mirrored by the hiSbe name – how it SHOULD be.

The SmackĀ Quite often we work with materials that other people see as a waste material. We love transforming ‘waste’ into something that is not only responsible, but well designed – telling a story as well as being desirable. Because you can be as worthy as you like with a design, but people need to love it too. The Smack started out as 365 sports drinks bottles recovered by the studio and volunteers from the beach after a running event in Brighton. We wanted to show how the bottles – which due to their design are currently unrecyclable in the UK – are an unresponsible design. To do this, we took the bottles through 7 processes to create 35 fully recyclable plastic jellyfish, lit by LED bulbs. Looking fragile, yet almost indestructible, they tell an important story of our relationship with plastic and the issues we have particularly when the material gets into our oceans. The Smack (the collective term for jellyfish) has been shown all over the UK at design shows and exhibitions and was selected by Kevin McCloud as one of his 10 Green Hero Products in 2017/18.