We are proactive, not just reactive. If we see something that needs changing – and that we can use our skills and passions to positively effect, we get stuck in to create that change or help our clients create that change. Again – no planet B.

Our campaigning is currently centred around our specialist research area and deep love for the ocean – namely the eradication of wasteful single-use plastic through connected and targeted education. Plastic is a great material but we use it very wrongly – this is a design issue. We are so proud of what we have achieved but there is always so much more to do. Want to get involved? Let us know.

positive activism…

Plastic Free Pledge – a campaign by CPD Way back in November 2016 we were thinking of something proactive to do in our home city of Brighton and Hove to challenge the often pointless use of single-use plastics. We realised that the low hanging fruit of plastic straws was a product that the vast majority of us did not need, and soon we had multiple venues across the city ‘Pledged’ to use reusable, paper or PLA (poly lactic acid) straws.

The campaign has now grown into a global movement, with hundreds of venues pledged, including large brands such as Leon Restaurants and Wahaca. PFP also has volunteer Ambassadors across the world who are trained by the CPD studio to advise organisations on how to switch from plastic. We have also worked directly with local authorities to create policy to eliminate single-use plastics. See the dedicated Plastic Free Pledge website for more details.

Surfers Against Sewage – volunteer Regional Rep – Brighton and Hove Due to our expertise in marine plastics and behaviour change – and our love for the ocean, we were delighted when Claire was selected as one of the three new volunteer regional reps for UK environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage in 2016. SAS has been instrumental in influencing government policy around marine issues and educating the public on our precious environment through beach cleans, talks and events. Together we are the voice of the ocean https://www.sas.org.uk/

Ocean’s 8 campaign Every ocean has it’s plastic, yet in our home city we are proud to be part of an incredible lineup of women working towards addressing this issue globally. The spoof campaign was developed by Melanie Rees and saw us all come together to hijack the film identity and spread the message of unity.